The face behind

The face behind the Boutique "Ca du Pela" is primarily me. In my person Kati Etzel all roles and tasks are combined to run a privately run company. If you are wondering now why I am doing this and what the story is behind it, I invite you to read it further.


About the beginnings

The closeness of my family to nature and the phrase "if we buy something, then quality" shaped my childhood and my quality claim. I grew up with Barbour and met Barbour at the most diverse moments in my life. At the hunting party, hiking, on the beach holiday and in the university. Diligently studied and ambitious in the profession, the question in me "Do I really want this" began to grow very slowly over the years.

I was really good at my job, liked the staff and colleagues, overachieved my goals, had enough money to buy all the most important status symbols, but I was unfulfilled despite all this. With this awareness I made the decision, stop and return to the beginning. Insecure but determined, I contacted Barbour with my idea. And that was the beginning of Boutique "Ca du Pela".


About Boutique "Ca du Pela "

"Ca du Pela" is a privately run Boutique since 2016. We place the highest standards in the selection and presentation of our collection and in the maintenance of contacts with our customers. When selecting our collection, we focus on wide variety rather than depth within the collection. Therefore, you can find true specialties and limited editions with us and always in a limited number.
The name of our company "Ca du Pela" is the name of our 300+ year old stone house. Ca du Pela is an old Ticinian typeface and means house of Peter. Here, too, the circle closes to my roots: my father's name is Peter. It is important to us to deviate from the standard and show a variety of possibilities for our customers.
We design all this in the heart of our house. Our customers appreciate the private ambience, where the lingering, trying and good conversations are more than welcome. We want to offer all this to our online customers and we hope that you feel comfortable on our website. 
If you have any question about a specific item, service or about my person please do not hesitate to contact me directly by E-mail. If you see any room of improvement please let us also know.